Terms & Conditions

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Hello and Welcome to VEG-HUB.

Firstly we like to thank you for supporting a Malaysian Based Start-Up Brand. We hope and aim to improve our effort to provide our Merchants with an affordable solution and better manage their day-to-day operations with Zesty Clickz.

And not forgetting our dearest customers who are using Veg-Hub, your satisfaction is our utmost priority!! 

Terms & Conditions

VEG-HUB Support Hours

8.00am – 10.00pm Monday to Sunday

Payment Gateway

We guarantee that by using our payment gateway portal, your payments are secured as it is being managed world-renowned payment gateway provider – STRIPE!

All your Credit/Debit Card Storage are kept securely.

Please ensure you have an order number once your payment has been made. If you did not receive any order number or confirmation and funds have been deducted from your account, contact VEG-HUB Support Team using the Whatsapp Icon for immediate support.

If you do not have Whatsapp App, please select Contact Us and drop us your query

VEG-HUB Wallet

Top up your own wallet for a quicker payment

Delivery Partners

VEG-HUB reserves the right on their delivery partner usage as we will use multiple delivery partners to ensure your food arrives as soon as possible to you

Delivery Delay

Experience a delivery delay? It could have been to many factors such as rain, rider vehicle breakdown, accidents, peak hours/multiple orders etc. 

You may check from Order History, the current status of the order and you will be notified by drop-down notification of the status of your order.

There will be instances of delay but if any delay more than 1 hour 30 minutes, you will be entitled to a 50% refund of the delivery fees depending on size of order and distance from merchant to your location

We will strive to meet your expectation as we are growing step by step.

Cancelation of Order

If you have misplaced an order and would like to cancel, kindly contact the restaurant immediately. All cancellations will have 2 minute buffer time and our eateries reserve the right to reject any cancelation if the food is already in the process of being cooked.

Hence always double-check your orders, amount, and address before placing final order.

Rate Eateries and Provide Feedback

Feedback is not just about the negative aspect, a single positive feedback will brighten our merchants’ day.

Negative Feedback

VEG-HUB ensures 100% anonymity of users’ data for any negative feedback. Zesty Clickz will not reveal any customer data except the feedback received for our eateries to review and grow.

Positive Feedback

VEG-HUB will share basic info such as name, phone of customers who have given positive feedback. This will allow eateries to perhaps provide any rewards for future orders.

They will be able to also market themselves with customer feedback on their social media to boost their sales.


Adding tips will increase the chances of securing rider for your order. 

Rider Tracking:

In the My Orders, click the order which is running and you will be able to track your rider. Kindly allow 2-5 minutes for the system to fetch rider’s location to accurately show you where the rider is.

ZERO Tolerance to Abuse

Zesty Clickz reserve the right to ban any merchants or customers for any abusive language or bodily harm.

We understand users will be frustrated at times if order is misplaced, delayed, wrong order etc however rest assure we will do our best to manage all orders appropriately, accordingly and timely.

VEG-HUB owned by Meatless Solution Sdn. Bhd.(1443904­A)